Brewtality EP

by Rabid Pigs

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released 16 November 2012



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Track Name: Final Days
Society pushing away
Those without dependency
Clock is ticking for humanity
You dug your own grave.
Track Name: Just Another Statistic
Business venture gone awry
Cause of death: immolation
Just another statistic on the evening news
Track Name: Your Death
Follow the hearse, fall in line
The time is now for you to die
Your death will come quickly
Take a hit, it's all you need
For the reaper to claim his prize
Wrap your car around a tree
That's the signal that he needs
Death will come to take your life
You don't deserve it anyway
Track Name: Smoke
Don't blow smoke in my face
Blow it out your fucking ass
Track Name: Liquid Comforts
Your worshiped altar, I'll burn it down
Liquid comfort found within will wither and fade just like you
Never rely on the crutch
Don't look for hope at the bottom of the bottle
Never give in
Track Name: Throne Of Kings
Atop the throne of kings
Land ruled with an iron fist
Clasped around the money bag
All profits go to the prophet
The kingdom, it crumbles
But the king knows not why
Track Name: Typical Arrogant Christian
Point the finger, careless blame
Compassion, something you feign
What would Jesus do?
He'd fucking kill you and I would too
Typical. Arrogant. Christian.
Get fucked
Track Name: Brewtality
Gather 'round the keg, the only fucking way
With every fucking sip your stable mind strays
You only connect through alcoholic means
Trashed is all you are, trash is all you'll ever be
The almighty can, it never leaves your hand
Your social vice will bring about the end
This is revenge, brewtality
Trashed is all you are, trash is all you'll ever be
Track Name: Won't Make It
Your judgment time is drawing so near
This hopeless fucking world fills you with despair
You won't make it
Track Name: Self-Destructiion
Self-destruction as far as I can see
It's everywhere around me